At Fai & Blair our goal is simplicity. With an aim to create timeless and effortless wardrobe staples for any occasion. Our collections are carefully designed to exude elegance, effortless style and exquisite threads. With a commitment to versatility, practicality and comfort, we hope to create a wardrobe of essentials that make you feel good both outwardly and within.

Fai & Blair is Fai's second venture after having co-founded the label LUEUR back in 2018. With a determined pursuit for refined, minimal modest wear, Fai & Blair embodies that vision. Clothing that not only portrays elegance but can be synonymous with faith and modesty.

At Fai & Blair our customers are priority number one. Our design process ensures height and size fittings for a variety of customers with different needs. Throughout this process attention to detail is paramount. By focusing in on quality of fabric and carefully measured cuts, the end result is a garment with a seamless finish. A finish that's right for you.

So we welcome you to explore our timeless pieces and to stay up to date with new arrivals by following our social media and subscribing to our mailing list!

Welcome to Fai & Blair.

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